Bentley Continental GT

AED 2,799.00 / Day

Rent Bentley Continental GT in Dubai: Rappers, superstar athletes, and millionaires or billionaires all love the Continental GT! There are three different twin-turbocharged engine options for the four-seat coupe or convertible. The 198-mile-per-hour peak speed is equaled by the V8 engine’s 542 horsepower. The W12 engine boosts performance to new heights, allowing for a top speed of 208 mph and 650 horsepower. The active all-wheel drive system in the Continental GT improves both balance and dynamic handling. It also features a Pirelli Noise Cancellation System and three-chamber adaptive air suspension for comfort, confidence and a thrilling drive.

With the touch of a button, the Bentley Rotating Display replaces the touchscreen dashboard with three exquisite analogue gauges, allowing the driver to experience the next level of joy. So, trust your Bentley’s luxurious ride without hesitation thanks to a variety of driver assistance features available for the Continental GT range.

AED 2,799.00
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